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“1/ RareSkills is proud to present a totally new way to allowlist addresses for presales and airdrops. The gas efficiency soundly beats ECDSA signatures and Merkle Trees. The method is to use old fashion RSA signatures, but with a lot of tricks. Links an


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“If I'm not mistaken, the contract is vulnerable as you can create signatures for a lot of addresses. This is why cryptography is hard, and needs a lot of attention.”


Haechi Audit Tech Blog_DFX Finance Attack Overview

DFX Finance Attack Overview | Hacking


Overall, a very simple attack both in its core vulnerability and the difficulty to analyze the situation.





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Wyvern v2.2 1-day Vulnerabilities



THORChain Bug Disclosure



Vulnerability Update: Security Improvements to ChainBridge ERC-721 Handler

We would like to make our community aware of an issue that was recently discovered relating to the ChainBridge smart contracts.


HAECHI LABS에서 ChainBridge 보안감사하다가 제가 찾은 취약점인데, 한 2~3년 정도 존재했던 버그입니다.